Know More About The Benefits That Come From Using Reusable Cotton Pads

There is a plethora of subject that has been discussed nowadays, most notably when it comes to hygiene and health, yet, experts discover that menstruation, alongside the types of pads that should be used during these days of the month, is the least mention and talked about topic. The truth of the matter is that before when these particular days came, what women do is that they use cloth pads to handle their menstruation. Commercialization was not that much of a big deal back then, and women are happy and satisfied with the simple cotton pads they use. And also, you have to know that women back then we’re less likely to suffer from problems such as infections, menstrual cramps, and also, skin rashes. At present, the use of simple cotton pads is no longer appreciated as people start to patronize synthetic menstrual pads which are designed for convenience and ease to carry. It has been said that the existence of menstrual pads is a way for manufacturers to modernize and liberate women. Little did we know that the use of disposable and synthetic menstrual products are damaging not only to our health but also to the environment. We also fail to realize that the simple, reusable cotton pads women use in the past are protecting us and our environment from damage. For you to better understand what we are talking about here, we have listed some of the finest benefits that using reusable cotton pads have to offer. See how to make soap from soap nuts

The reduction of the presence of allergies, thrush and rashes on the skin are considered as the very first positive change that you are bound to experience when you switch to use reusable cotton pads. Unlike synthetic menstrual pads that are known for promoting the growth of fungal infection and germs in humid areas, reusable cotton pads do not entertain such developments on the skin, thanks to their soft nature, leading to the prevention of skin irritation and other complications from arising. View vegetable bags

Another good thing that you are bound to enjoy from using reusable cotton pads is the reduction of the risk of TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome. When we say Toxic Shock Syndrome, we are referring to a kind of fatal disease which was identified initially in the year nineteen eighty, and was linked to the use of sanitary pads that are super-absorbent, and tampons as well, as they are made from viscose rayon. Toxic Shock Syndrome particularly affects young girls as their immunity as not as strong during the early stages of their menstrual cycle. This is the very reason why the use of reusable cotton pads is strongly advised by experts since they do not have any chemical load, thus, they prevent diseases such as toxic shock syndrome from arising.

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